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Love is a powerful force that drives individuals of many cultures to find a partner to hopefully share a life with.

Although dating, marriage, and sadly, divorce customs may be different among cultures, many of them are created from, engrained in, and products of the quest to find this kind of magic we call love.

Typical Costa Rican food, such as plantains, seafood, and gallo pinto, is served.Whereas an American woman might be able to post an ad about herself, saying she likes to cook and give massages, this would be immediately interpreted by Costa Rican men as code for prostitution.Ticos and Ticas are famous for their possessiveness and jealousy, especially because of the high rates of infidelity in the country (“Dating & Relationships,” n.p.) “Machismo has fueled relationship infidelity,” (“Customs and Etiquette,” n.p.) leading to extremely close watch on partners, such as the installation of car tracking devices.If a couple is not Catholic, then they must go through with a civil marriage, one performed by a family judge or lawyer (Pacheo, Marin, & Asociados, n.p.) The minimum legal age for marriage for both men and women is 18.But, with parental consent, children can marry at the age of 15.