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Sadly the rain section is much shorter than I would have liked. It's also nice because there's so many options (including songs with different speed options) I know that my game won't sound the same as those who also bought this (always a slight issue for those of us using these sets).Make sure to get the extras too as they're up to the same high standard. Totally worth it if you need music to polish your game.Miki After School is a continuation of/sequel to the original story and is just as adorable.This work is full of bubbly cute moments that will bring a smile and maybe even a blush to your face.Allowing aural tendrils to rise slowly (lik Ok so this is without doubt the most frenetic and exciting new music we've heard in 2017 - a double LP selection of pure Singeli fiyah originally issued on a limited edition tape back in June, now fully remastered and available on download and vinyl formats for the first time, inaugura Steve Goodman and Toby Heys’ sonic research cell AUDINT disclose their 3rd and final tape to Reel Torque in a special edition package.The material on this one sounds something like Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement meets Apocalypse Now. Following the magn Félicia Atkinson is a multidisciplinary artist with many strings to her bow.According to Winamp all the songs in this collection add up to a whopping 51 HOURS of stuff.So while not everything will be to your taste, you'll definitely find enough gems to keep your game sounding great. They really made my game pop and have breathed life into the world my game is set in. They pair well with other backgrounds in Minikle's Fantasy series and I've enjoyed mixing and matching all of them. They have really brought the characters in my game to life, thank you!

The trial download is representative so use that to see if it's your kind of thing. I've been slowly working my way through all the tracks, looking for the perfect songs to flesh out the scenes in my game and I'm extremely impressed.

As with Fantasy sets 1 and 2 these backgrounds are excellent and will help flesh out the world of your game.

There are multiple lighting options for each one, which helps give you the illusion of time passing.

Record Entr’acte play host to the return of Michael Anacker’s semi-mythical industrial unit Kallabris with this collection of “pop” songs riffing on the decadent 19th century poetry of Swinburne, but adapted to avant electronic backdrops and beats.

Comparable in Entr’acte a Transfixing Venezuelan field recordings from the private archive of amateur ethnomusicologist Oswaldo Lares, ranging from completely unique percussive patterns to acapella songs and remarkably electronic-sounding marimba pieces.