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Thinking of not updating what works without an understanding of what broken thing was fixed with the update is simple a dangerous view to have these days.As such, either do some research or take the Intel or your OEM's advice and update these critical ME vulnerabilities according to the Intel/OEM critical advisories.Here’s how to check what BIOS version your computer is using and flash that new BIOS version onto your motherboard as quickly and safely as possible. If your computer freezes, crashes, or loses power during the process, the BIOS or UEFI firmware may be corrupted.

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And there have been others reported in previous years.You should only need to do this once, during the initial configuration of ROCK. - Connect your monitor and keyboard - Boot the NUC and press F7 when the splash screen prompt is displayed - Select the USB drive and press `Enter` - Select the `.## What You Need - A supported NUC (the full list is [here](https://kb.roonlabs.com/Roon_Optimized_Core_Kit#More_about_ROCK_39_s_hardware_support_)) - A USB flash drive (this should be formatted FAT or FAT32) - A monitor with HDMI in - A USB keyboard ## Step 1 - Download The Latest BIOS The first step is to visit Intel’s website and download the latest BIOS for your device. The BIOS version you download should be: - NUC5i3XXX - v 0364 or higher - NUC5i5XXX - v 0364 or higher - NUC6i3XXX - v 0060 or higher - NUC6i5XXX - v 0060 or higher - NUC7i3XXX - v 0046 or higher - NUC7i5XXX - v 0046 or higher - NUC7i7XXX - v 0046 or higher ###### _(as of 5/2017)_ Once you’ve downloaded the `. ## Step 2 - Update Your NUC’s BIOS ###### _Intel’s original instructions are [here]( BIO` file and press `Enter` - Confirm you want to update the BIOS by pressing `Enter` The BIOS update should take a few minutes.You can find the latest BIOS by visiting Intel’s [Download Center](https://downloadcenter.intel.com/) and searching for your NUC’s model (ie "`NUC5i3`"). Once it’s complete, remove the USB drive and reboot.For now, leave the monitor and keyboard attached -- you’ll need them in the next step.