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A card key found on the shooter points to a room in an office building that faces the Capitol steps location of Congressman Mac Leish’s imminent swearing-in ceremony.Now, Hannah surely can just call into any number of law enforcement agencies her firm suspicion about an assassination attempt, right? As Mac Leish planted in POTUS ear last week, the White House has been led to believe that Agent Wells has a “personal” obsession with the VP candidate.These women with children at home pooled together in their efforts to raise their families.They assembled into groups and shared such chores as cooking, cleaning and washing clothes.

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Although most women took on male dominated trades during World War II, they were expected to return to their everyday housework once men returned from the war.

Government campaigns targeting women were addressed solely at housewives, likely because already-employed women would move to the higher-paid "essential" jobs on their own, Many of the women who took jobs during World War II were mothers.

Many who did have young children shared apartments and houses so they could save time, money, utilities and food.

If they both worked, they worked different shifts so they could take turns babysitting.