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Jason and Grant head to the Viaduct Tavern, where they meet Sidonie Ross, the owner, who tells them that the bar was built over a debtor's prison.She shows them the area behind the bar, where she experienced a sensation as if someone had struck the back of her head.Joe Mc Gowan, a local historian, tells Grant and Jason about Lisheen Castle.

After Barry sees a face adjacent to the ruins, he takes himself out of the investigation.

Joe tells them that Lisheen means "little rat." Grant notes that, in Ireland, rats' nests are generally believed to be the homes of fairies.

Jason says that fairie activity in Ireland is similar to elemental behavior in America.

After Brian and Dave analyze the footage they play one audio recording that sounds like someone saying "hi" and another that sounds like a female voice saying "no."Jason and Grant meet with Sidonie and share their experiences and findings.

Jason has mixed feelings about saying the tavern has paranormal activity because there was no video evidence and he and Grant didn't have any personal experiences.

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