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At Maggotty, the river runs alongside the road where it is convenient to explore its banks and to view the many small waterfalls and the Black River Gorge.

The vegetation is dense and overgrown in places but the Apple Valley Park maintains a cleared trail to the gorge and will also provide a guide.

Unfortunately, much of Jamaica's marine life has dwindled over the past half century due to overfishing and Hurricane Gilbert damaged many of the shallow reefs around the island in 1988.

The Treasure Beach area is ideal for long solitary walks.

Until recently, fishermen built their canoes from hollowed out cotton trees and waterproofed the vessels by painting them in distinctive colors.

Bay beaches are separated by rocky headlands where crabs scurry in tide pools populated by chitons and an assortment of small sea creatures.

Schools of fish, dolphins and sometimes sea cows (manatees) can be viewed from the rocks.

wingspans impress with an effortless, soaring grace that is contrary to their clumsy mobility on land.

For the energetic, there is a 3 mile trail down to a narrow strip of beach where swimming is dangerous due to the depth of the water and the strong currents.