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As you know by now, the Red Light District is actually a popular city in Europe. There are still plenty of spots where touristy people will do the things the Internet tells you about Amsterdam.Okay, The Bulldog Coffeeshop claimed to be the original coffeeshop in Amsterdam founded by Henk de Vries .Well, John and I made our rookie mistake by ordering a joint while we came here for the first time. We just ordered what seemed to be at reasonable price, but as soon as I hit the joint I realized that there was something wrong with it.I didn’t get as high as I thought I would have gone after smoking cannabis in Amsterdam for the first time.There used to be multiple places that offered sex peep shows, but they all closed down and we’re left to one last place and it is known as the “Sex Palace“.This large venue has a large neon sign flashing “2€=2minutes” and inside this place there are posters and screens showing women in various states of undress and positions.When I went into the venue, it brought back good memories from the hilarious times I had with John back in November.

It is actually quite safe and well controlled part of the city, Amsterdam’s heart of night entertainment.

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Later, it became famous worldwide and tourists came along.

I found this place to be a very nice environment to just kick back and smoke a reefer. Yes, a reefer is what they call a marijuana joint in Amsterdam because a joint in Amsterdam would be combined of both cannabis and tobacco.