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From this testing and evaluation is the result of the martial art program currently used by the Marine Corps today.The Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) was officially created by MCO 1550.54 as a “revolutionary step in the development of martial arts skills for Marines and replaces all other close-combat related systems preceding its introduction.” MCMAP comes from an evolution dating back to the creation of the Marine Corps, beginning with the martial abilities of Marine boarding parties, who often had to rely on bayonet and sword techniques.The concept of the LINE system was that when attacked the defender would destroy the enemy’s attack by manipulating joints, breaking joints, and damaging nerves.The pain that was inflicted on the enemy would cause his Central Nervous System to go into break down, disrupting all continuous thought process.Those who had taught the inter-war years were joined by Marines such as Captain Stephen Stavers and Corporal John J. As World War II burst upon the Corps, individuals and units were developing specialized training based upon the experiences of Marines from the inter-war years, this included exposure by Marines that were stationed overseas, who had the opportunity to study far eastern martial arts systems such as judo, karate, and jujitsu. Janos, 20, of Smithton, Pa., demonstrates a throwing technique on Pfc. Janos and Wallace were among 130 Marines from Battery A, 1st Battalion, 12th Marine Regiment, participating in the training.The Marines spend at least five hours per week practicing the martial arts techniques.The Marine Corps was born during the battles that created this country upon the experiences of the first Marines.The Marines Corps has developed a martial arts program unrivaled in the world today.

Prior to and during World War I, the skill of the bayonet was supplemented with the first training in unarmed techniques to meet the challenges of trench Warfare.General Jones wanted a martial art program that could be use in any environment, terrain, or situation.His vision was also was that he wanted something that would keep the Marine natural competitive nature fueled.His vision was to have Marines qualify for different belt rankings from Tan, Grey, Green, Brown, and Black.General Jones chose 10 subject matter experts from numerous martial arts disciplines to develop the Marine Corps Close Combat Program currently used by the Marine Corps.