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I am a chunky girl, and it is blowing me around when the gusts come really, really hard,” the TV presenter said.

Lemon sweetly smiled and responded: “You’re a beautiful woman no matter what size you are.

There’s nothing wrong with having a little curve.” Viewers took to Twitter to offer their praise for Lemon, who has since racked up a number of loyal fans.

In today's increasingly corporatised world, there are businesses who are motivated purely by financial considerations, and then there are businesses who are determined to make a difference in people's lives.

At the time, it declined to specify just what parts of the story were off.

In Friday’s case, it’s quite obvious: Where there was once a story, there’s now some guy who sent an email.

Years ago, ABC News got itself into trouble by reporting on emails that had been described by others, but that the network hadn’t actually seen.

Abridging The Post’s story, CNN said that it “suggested that the individual may simply have been trying to flag the campaign to already public documents.” Which is to say that a matter of timing differentiated between a scandal and a ho-hum-message from some fellow.

The centrality of time stamps to scandal coverage is a theme of recent major-media screw-ups on the Trump-Russia conflagration.

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“And this wind — I am not a small woman, as you know, Don. ” one Twitter user wrote, whilst another referred to him as a “class act.” However, Daily Show host Trevor Noah was slightly more critical of Lemon’s remark, after they showed the clip on air. Don Lemon, that report said nothing about being beautiful…