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a muslim with a catholic and having no problems with that.

In our society we don't give much value to religion and we like to keep it like that even with our children.

According to Pederson and Shoemaker (1993), Togetherness describes the degree of approval of activities carried out only with a romantic companion.

Expressions represent verbal and non-verbal behaviors and actions involving the expression of tenderness and affection (e.g., a sweetheart would take a treat to his or her partner on a stressful day).

Answering these questions was the objective of this study.

What makes Albania a great choice for the study is the fact that the Albanian culture is a mix of Western European, Eastern European and Balkan culture.

Results American college students rated higher on all factors.

These results were significant even when comparing romantic attitudes cross-culturally within the same sex.

It was hypothesized that, despite its European charm, and due to its old traditions about family values and social duty, Albanians would rate significantly lower than Americans in romantic attitudes in each of the five categories.Maybe he just doesnt practice a religion what about his family? I did think albania was mainly muslim but that is just as I said because my husband knows quite alot of muslim who are from there. Dear Claire, I am Albanian, and I'll try to say my word on this.You might have heard that most of the population in albania is muslim, (less than 70%), and the rest (~30%) is Roman catholic and Cristian orthodox.Concern and Communication relates how much importance a person attributes to the awareness of a romantic partner's problems and ability to communicate about problems and issues (e.g., lovers should be able to tell each other their problems and concerns and try to help each other resolve them).Romancing rates an idealized attitude towards love relationships, putting emphasis on feelings of excitement and tenderness in the presence of the loved one (e.g., asking a spouse for a date after marriage is romantic).