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Time to plan your tree(s) and treats, but don't forget to nap!

We talk a lot about having a lovely Christmas but it's really important to spread the love.

They also discuss the NZ Fashion Week and Evie's visit to the 70th anniversary of Dior exhibition recently opened at the NGV in Melbourne. If you wait until you have enough money to decorate and make your home your own it will never happen. I'm in love with this epic pompom tree by @sugarandcloth - look at the size of those things! One thing we talk about in our podcast on colour is making white walls work and this shows that layering in statement artwork, statement lighting and statement furniture certainly do all the work for you πŸ‘Œ I just adore that @shopkwearstler Channels Fabric πŸ–€ This is from the showroom at the New York Design Center @nydc Designed by @reaganhayesinc . Thank you to all of our followers for being so interactive with our page and loving the inspiring pictures we find for you guys! My thoughts are turning to a bit of a garden spruce-up to distract myself from the extreme envy of a white Christmas!

If you wait until you can afford to buy everything new you are missing the point. 😍 Also, I hope those chairs are under MY tree on the 25th! These are the top 9 and it’s quite cool to see that 4 of them are of our own homes πŸ’– Remember to tag your photos with #NZhomeswithstyle and #thepinkroomthrifts πŸ‘πŸ˜˜ .

Does your seat actually recline or must you travel in the brace position all the way to New York? This can fluctuate even in the same class especially as you move further up to the nose or tail of the aircraft.

Well, it’s time to whip out the measuring tape and get to the bottom of things. How much footsie space do you have in front of you? Specifically this refers to the space between each seat anchor, row by row.

Watch Delta (free messaging apps over USA), and Virgin.By contrast, the B777 economy seats have the appearance of greater space with higher ceilings in cabins. But who needs seats on an aircraft this size anyway? The B777-300ER in a 3-3-3 configuration offers a 18.6-inch seat width and a 115-degree recline.Power supply is available in most seats – two for every three seats or three for every four seats – and the touchscreen PTV screen size is a generous 11.1 inches (compared with 10.6 inches on the older B777-200s). The teal and grey industrial chic decor is soothing and contemporary, a far cry from the earth tones and gold of earlier generation B777-200 aircraft.It ends up being a conversation about change and passion. What is in (lilac), and more importantly, what is out. Michelle & Evie discuss op-shopping and the rules of the game. #diningroomdecor #kellywearstler #brass #chandelierstyle #modernluxe #orange #diningroominspo #artwork #interiorinspo #interiordesign #interiorinspiration #interiorideas #stylingtips #interiorstyling So it seems 2017 is coming to an end soon! #outdoorspaces #gardenseating #retrogarden #gardendecor Sooo the @pantone colour of 2018 has been announced as ultra violet. Evie & Michelle give their take on predictions for 2018. This episode features a LOT of recommendations for documentaries, as apparently when we're not thrift shopping - we're watching movies. it's the weekend before Christmas so it's all we're thinking about. #christmasdecor #christmascraft #colorfulchristmas #colourfulchristmas #pompomtree #eclecticchristmas #sugarandcloth When white walls work!! We only begun this page and started our podcast in August so we are completely blown away by all the support and the reviews over on i Tunes!! #mybeautifulmess #myhomevibe #livingroom #eclecticinterior #eclectic #interiordecorating #instahome #homedecor #interiorinspo #interiorstyling #finditstyleit #moreismoredecor #realhomes #styling #interiordecor #interiordetails #pocketofmyhome #lovelysquares #top9of2017When your outdoor seating is THIS good, what does your lounge look like!? Now I know a lot of the world has just been blanketed in beautiful snow (so jealous) but here in NZ summer has well and truly arrived. I think we all felt that the purples were coming back in to favour (thanks to Prince I reckon! Are we going to see a lot of this super bold and regal shade in the coming year?

Free melbourne chat room no sign up