Olivia wilde dating prince

“It’s something for down the road.” [From Us Weekly] I understand the point she’s trying to make when she says men “are not allowed to be the only ones thinking with their genitals.” I get it. Olivia is making it absurdly simplified – like, “I didn’t have much of a sex life with him, but I have a great sex life with my new guy, so it was obviously my ex’s problem.” It might very well have been Tao’s problem. It feels like Olivia is just throwing her ex and his (malfunctioning? Like, a dude comes out and says that his ex-wife made him feel like his dong had died, and he wasn’t going stick with a woman if he couldn’t get his rocks off? She’s saying that sex/intimacy is important in any relationship and in any healthy marriage, and that men shouldn’t be the only ones who get to use the “biological necessity” excuse. ) dong under the bus and declaring victory for her vadge. Or should we just applaud her for getting out of a marriage because of sex?

Apparently, Olivia has now taken to discussing her lack of a quality sex life during her marriage to Tao. “They’ve both been married, so they’ve already experienced that and know what it entails,” the insider shared.

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News learned they "are dating and having fun.""They are still getting to know each other, but she is really into him and it's getting more on the exclusive level," a source said.