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In addition, b/c she failed to have her RPP, she seriously risked her recovery when she decided to help a person still in active addiction to stop her addictive behaviors.

By having that person live with her, she failed to take seriously the impact that it could have on her own life and recovery.

As the congregation files out of the sanctuary heading toward the parking lot, listen closely and you will hear it.

It's a common refrain voiced near the exit doors of churches all across this land.

Millions of Christians across the world seem to worship just fine without any kind of building. ) Our insistence on worshipful music, worship settings, and worshipful everything are all signs of our disgusting self-centeredness.

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We must balance our worship between spirit (the subjective part: body, soul, emotions) and truth (the objective aspect: all that God has revealed in His word). We Are the Ones Who Decide Whether We Worship upon Entering the House of the Lord Don't blame the preacher if you don't worship. No one else can eat my food for me, love my cherished ones in my place, or do my worshiping for me. Lest someone point out that Martha could have worshiped in her kitchen by her service for Christ, we do not argue, but simply point out that she was not doing so that day. Remember: Worship is a Verb And it's an active verb at that.

One week he gets it right and eats up the accolades.

Then, about the time he thinks he has it figured out, the congregation walks out grumbling that they got nothing out of the meal he served today. But if we go to church to do those things, we can do them. Warren Wiersbe says, "If you worship because it pays, it will not pay." 4.

All I wanted my whole life, was for that lonliness inside me to go away. See more » This is a very realistic program that shows the serious risks to a recovering alcoholic/addict (even one who has had a long period of sobriety), of not honestly dealing with all her true feelings during her recovery, not going to regular AA/NA meetings, or not being able to call a Sponsor during high-risk situations.

But, it never did, no matted what I drank, or what drug I took, or where I went, who I was with. All I needed was to find the right thing to rely on, something that would never go away, something I would never run out of. It dramatically shows that if that person doesn't have a tight Relapse Prevention Plan, she has NO contingency plan in place to help her maintain her sobriety.