Minecraft xbox 360 not updating

If you are downloading something on another device that shares a connection with your Xbox, pause the download. To test your connection, open System Settings and slect Netwowrk Settings, Test Xbox Live Connection." I dont know what the problem is. I had the same problem with game updates, to solve this, go onto your memory, go on the hard drive and press Y.

I was downloading something big on my PC and as soon as I paused the D/L the update finished downloading. If not, then I'm sorry I couldn't be of anymore help. The press Clear Cache, this deletes all updates from now on...

Appears to be a Minecraft cache issue for those that build a lot. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

The next scheduled update is still “weeks away” according to 4J Studios, but will include the popular Creative Game Mode.

Same problem here, in fact my console takes me to a white screen, where a progress bar comes up, but it gives me the same problem "Cant download the update" and it gives me a status code also: 23EF-3143-A080-0C00-8007-2746, why would MS release an update and don't give the appropriate support?? Had the same issues with the update but got it to work. This is pretty sweet.l They changed up the entrance screen to be more like the kinect stuff we've seen and also the download screens look more like a modern design to them. Yeah I had the same problem, even tried to turn off and turn on my Slim and it would start to download and come up with the error.

I turned off auto sign in, restarted my xbox and it downloaded just fine. I finally made sure everything else on my router (PC) was turned off and it went through on the first try.

What you should do is just overwrite the whole file with the snapshot one.

To download a snapshot right click on the link and choose “save as”.