Who are the fresh beat band members dating

touting lots of new things for the show, while also showing off a new cast member, Tara Perry.

Perry will take on the role of Marina, who was originally played by Shayna Rose.

What do we know about the “new” Marina, Tara Perry though?

Perry, age 25, has directed and stared in quite a few youtube videos, and had a tv appearance here and there, but her “claim to fame” is that she is The Movie Maven on Sci-Fi’s

She turned around and saw Kiki and Shout whispering about.

What would happen to the Fresh Beats if she did that? I asked him if he wanted to hang out at the Groovy Smoothie alone and talk about maybe dating.

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But the fact that they used teens that act NOTHING LIKE TEENS is just sad. Kiki, who was holding Twist's hand skipped happily towards Melody. Kiki let go of his hands and ran back to her seat when she saw Ms. He hung his head down after seeing her disappointed face. They're just mad at the moment because they don't want to fail the class.

A rep for Nickelodeon told Rumor Fix “The actors who perform as the Fresh Beat Band extensively negotiated their own touring contracts, for which they are fairly compensated.

We expect they will live up to their obligations to complete their tour and will not disappoint all of their young fans who are looking forward to seeing them perform.” Rumor Fix was unable to reach the band's touring rep. PT: All of the band members have shown up for rehearsals.

The group members, who put on two high-energy singing and dancing shows twice a day, reportedly make ,000 a week.

"The band just wants a bigger piece of the pie," a source familiar with the negotiation's tells Rumor Fix.