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We struggled on the field but, with times like the pig incident, we had a lot of fun and the foundation was being laid for the culture of a good club which led to last year's premiership.Scott Watters played 37 games in two seasons for Sydney.

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But characters still exist behind the scenes in the clubs, even though they're more careful.This is almost always Played for Laughs, since Naked People Are Funny.Compensating for Something is the related trope where an afflicted man owns a very large car (or boat, or fountain, etc.) so that he's got large to show off.Though we may not hear of everything that goes on, there's still a lot of great stuff. I never mentioned it to him, but I know some of the other Sydney boys did and he thought it was a real compliment - he loved it.He took it in the right spirit and thought it was fantastic (despite what he went on to write in his autobiography).