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19)." In her Masters thesis (1998) Jacqueline Hookimaw-Witt, a Muskego-Cree, interviewed elders from Attawapiskat who described in great detail ways in which they continued to harvest, fish and hunt for food, clothing, crafts and subsistence to complement store-bought items.

Hookimaw-Witt was the first Muskego-Cree to earn a doctorate.

Attawapiskat was included when adhesions were made to the treaty to include the communities north of the Albany River.In time, it was decided by local leaders to establish the community in its present location on the Attawapiskat River instead.This was due to an existing trading post and better access to James Bay shipping routes from this location.More than a third of the members of the Attawapiskat First Nation who still live on their home reserve are under the age of 19 and three-quarters are under the age of 35 (2010-12-03).Attawapiskat is home to the Mushkego, Omushkego James Bay Cree also known as Mushkegowuk Cree Omushkegowuk Cree, western James Bay, west-coast, Swampy, Omushkego, and Hudson Bay Lowland Cree)(General 2012:2).