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Much of the information on this site was obtained from Government of Canada and Government of Ontario websites. California based law firm provides some tools to keep you out of court. divorcesupport.US Divorce requirements by state – legal information and resources & other issues such as custody, paternity, and child support for use in the USA. Kind of a blog site, with lots of user contributions.

Personal Growth and Development A site providing insights into personal development and emotional well being. W.) of Parnass Counselling Services provides email based counselling to clients, with responses within 2 days. Divorce Legal Support Do it Yourself Divorce Kits, Paralegals, etc.

This site includes some good background info on what collaborative law is, and also example forms and agreements.

Divorce In is a resource for those who want to learn more about Canadian law and procedures.

It’s a resource to have when starting the divorce process.

Each ebook covers a different topic such as the divorce process, children, finances and starting anew.

Single parent dating site ottawa